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In Megalith, you control a mighty Titan with unique properties, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Try each Titan and find one that suits your playstyle.

Find Titan combinations with your teammate that allows for a superior partnership!



Megalith uses a full motion control scheme. Hold down the left trigger and tilt the controller forward, backward, left/right to move around. Use the Left and Right face buttons to rotate left and right. Megalith recommends the use of smooth turning for maximum action gameplay. Players prone to VR nausea will find a variety of accessibility options such as Snap Turning and FOV restriction.


Each Titan has a unique Primary Attack and Abilities.

  • Pressing the Right Trigger with fire the Primary Attack.
  • Activate an Ability by pressing the corresponding Right Controller Button then deploy it with Right Trigger.

Some abilities will fire instantly with the Ability Activation. Be sure to practice each Titan!


Ultimates are devastating Abilities that unleash the ferocious potential of your Titan.

They are not immediately available and must be earned over time by defeating enemy Titans and Minions.

Ultimate Abilities are always activated with the Bottom Right Controller button (Triangle).


Titans can perform a few special actions in certain circumstances.


Killing Minions, Titans, and destroying Towers will charge your ability to Rally.

When charged, lifting both hands above your head will spawn powerful Super Minions.

Super Minions have more Health and Damage than regular Minions and have a greater capacity to push Towers and carve through Minion waves.


Some Titans must reload their Primary Abilities.

These Abilities will reload automatically when they run out of ammunition but can also be manually reloaded.

To Reload, sweep your right hand upwards to be parallel with your head.


If your Teammate falls in battle, they can be revived by moving to their Revive Totem.

Place your hand within the Totem and hold for a few seconds to revive your Teammate and continue the fight!

Allies will be revived at 75% of maximum health.


When injured, all Titans can regenerate their health by withdrawing from battle for a short time.

If you can avoid taking damage for a few seconds, you will regenerate to full health.

Be sure to pursue injured enemies!


When you spawn in your base, you are granted advanced movement speed.

Use this to quickly reach the front lines. This speed boost will end when you reach an enemy.


As a mighty Titan, human structures serve only as temporary cover.

Most of these structures can be destroyed by a few well placed attacks.

This can open new routes or allow for attacks behind cover. Some Titans are more effective at destruction than others.



The Core is the primary objective structure.

The Core is protected by a destructible outer shell which will regenerate after a short time after taking damage.

The team which destroys the enemy Core is declared the victor of the match.


Towers are defensive structures that block progress towards the core.

Towers are destructible and can be toppled by strategic weapon and ability usage. Towers fire on enemies in their vision range but will also return fire on Titans attacking from afar.

Allow your minions to draw their fire before attacking.


Minions will spawn from your base in set waves. Coordinate your attacks with these waves to increase your effectiveness against towers and the core.


Each team has a Siege Inhibitor located a short distance from their base.

Destroying the enemy Siege Inhibitor will unleash the devastating Siege Minion.

The Siege Minion is an incredibly tough and powerful creature that can rapidly level structures and tear down the Core. Destroy the enemy Inhibitor and protect your own at all costs!